David Ironfounderson

Old Cleric Going a bit senile


Dave was born amongst Dwarfs because his father “preferred” their company and was raised by Dwarfs. Dave’s father was an adviser to a Dwarf warlord and well respected in the Dwarf community. To cement his position in the Dwarf community Dave’s father “guided” him to becoming a holy man in the Dwarf community. Dave’s father lived a long healthy life as an adviser and Dave harbors no ill-will toward him.

Dave served as a battalion cleric tending to the wounded and dying Dwarfs. After the Dwarfs were defeated Dave was able to leave the Dwarf lands and spread the word of his religion. Dave had seen too much war and thought a quiet life as a town minister may suite him.

As Dave made the long journey to his destination with a caravan of families and merchants the caravan was attacked. Most of the men ran to protect the women and children while Dave tried to keep them calm and hide them. The men were cut down very quickly and Dave took up arms and alone defended the women and children from the attackers. As Dave was defending the innocent he felt a connection to his God as he had never felt before, he felt blessed or touch by his God. He began using powers through channeling the Godly force and this is how Dave came to be a hero. Dave fell unconscious while he was defending the defenseless and was brought into town by the survivors of the caravan. The people told amazing stories about how they had seen the glow and powers coming off of Dave and he became very famous in the town. Dave thought this one last hoora would be enough to reflect upon then settle down but he “had an itch he just couldn’t scratch” so now Dave is dawning his old Dwarf war gear and joining a party of adventurers whether they like it or not.

Side note: Dave is going a bit senile in his old age and many bashes to the head. Sometimes Dave forgets “the plan” or goes on wild tangents about the many races he has lived with, when in fact he has probably never seen a Goblin in his life.

Quote: “This is Dwarven made. Dwarves made it to look like Elves made it, tricky and smart Dwarves are. Best craftsman you’ll ever find.”

David Ironfounderson

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