Very very goliathy stats present here. Entirely. And like, 76 HP.


Tatonka’s life was not anything spectacular. Nothing amazing ever happened to her. Nothing surprising. Well, nothing surprising in her mind. If you were one of the two goons who came to pick her up and aren’t quite sure how you woke up in such positions with those ragged bumps from head to toe perhaps you were surprised. Or maybe you were that unsavory character who would have you for a wife. Even with all that gold he was certainly a fool expecting you to marry him. He was surprised.

She had spent near three decades wandering with her people through mountains and valleys over terrains both barren and lush. Tatonka had excelled. When her tribesmen brought back a kill, she would arrive with a beast over each shoulder. When a water source was needed it was Tatonka who could scale the most treacherous peak and locate their next spring. No other female goliath was bigger or stronger than her and it was a rare male who could match her strength. Her constant companion was her maul. Perhaps not the most traditional weapon for a hunter her father had given it to her as a youngling, a time when it was still taller than her. She had carted it around everywhere as most human female girls toted their cherished porcelain dolls. It was no surprise her father had nicknamed it Baby and the name had stayed.

So with Tatonka’s strength and skill an idle Eglath knew that she would make an excellent bodyguard. He was son to the chief of another wandering tribe and had built himself a poor reputation while gaining more enemies. And what, one must assume, could make a better bodyguard than a wife who would be constantly near you even during those vulnerable hours of sleep? It did not occur to Eglath that there simply were no females out there that wished to wed his coward being let alone one as powerful and the one he had chosen. When two guards arrived to collect Tatonka it was little matter for her to dispatch of them. Of course that is what she would do. No, there was nothing amazing about her life, no surprises. Only those that tried to wrong her were ever surprised.

With two goliaths bloodied and unconscious on the ground, a chief’s son out to wed her, and, she could only assume, the consent on these such goings on by her tribe, Tatonka made a choice. She cleaned off Baby and rubbed her to a sheen as if she were freshly hewn, grabbed the small pack that held all the belongings she had needed these many years to survive on the many long hunts and turned her back on her people. Tatonka was not disowning her Goliath brethren, just heading to a new land on her own. Someplace where she would take care of only herself for a time. Perhaps the city would open some new doors for her.


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