The year is 384 of the Blue Slyleaf. The land of Bandriam was once a prosperous and beautiful place. Now, the land is shrouded in darkness. Small beacons of feint light are scattered throughout the north and parts of the east. The south has been overrun with vile creatures and the north is an unknown, freezing tundra that has not been traversed in centuries. A rag tag group of adventurers are enterprising on the grim turn of events.

The human kingdom of Valedrum maintains a fair amount of peace in the vast valley in the north under the shadow of Mount Seldim. The dwarven kingdoms of better times have consolidated under the rule of King Dadrick Shalefist. The east is rife with bandits and home to Lord Vadrum, a ruthless human and suspected leader of the infamous rogues guild, Legion of Silence.

Speaking with the inhabitants, no one seems to know when the dark times started. Some tell travelers that the evil seethes out of the barren south, while others speculate the Old Kingdom of the east is the center. Little is known about the west, which is littered with festering bogs and large tracts of desolate land. Many have explored the claims of myth never to return.

Into the Shroud

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